3rd Place Playoffs – SDC/Wray & Nephew National Community T/20 Cricket


On Sunday August 18, 2019 at 2:00p.m the 3rd place playoffs will take place between White River Rebels (St. Ann) and Johnson Mountain (St. Thomas) in the 13th staging of the SDC/Wray & Nephew National Community T/20 Cricket competition at the Ultimate Cricket Oval, located in Discover Bay, St. Ann. 

The day’s activity at Ultimate Oval is scheduled to commence at 9:00a.m with the 3rd place playoff in the SDC T/10 Masters’ Cricket Competition when Orange Hill Test will face Greater Portmore. The SDC T/10 Women’s Cricket Competition 3rd place play-off will follow at 11:30a.m as Westmoreland East battle St. Mary Females.   



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