GIS DAY February 9, 2018






SDC Geographic Information System (GIS) Day Set for Browns Town

Scores of community members, and students from both the second and tertiary level institutions in St. Ann and across Jamaica are expected to attend and participate in the SDC’s Geographic Information System (GIS) Day. The Annual GIS Day will see its second staging and will take place on Friday February 9, 2018 at the Addison Park, Browns Town office in the parish beginning at 10:00 am. This activity is being executed under the theme: “GIS: Guiding the Change, Shaping the Future of Community Development.” SDC’s GIS Day 2018 will be a practical way in which the SDC, through its Community Research and Database Programme (CRDP), will share and promote its use of GIS Technology to aid in the planning and development of communities.

GIS technology offers a wide array of usage, and coupled with the SDC’s extensive community database, the commission used this software to develop and customize maps.  Community groups have also used these maps to develop 3-D replicas of their community, which are being entered in the GIS 3D asset map competition.

Creative Learning

The day’s activity will include displays of 3D Asset Map projects from the top seven (7) community groups that made it to the finals of the Asset map competition. Live demonstrations will also be done to showcase how GIS is being used in the community development planning process.

Two of seven finalist, Monegue CDC (left) and the Walkers Wood CDC (right) display their respective 3D Asset Maps at the semi-finals of the GIS Asset Map Competition.

“With citizen being able to understand their space — mapping where things are, how they relate, what it all means, and what actions to take – a tangible benefit we wish to continue to promote and urge greater usage of map and mapping systems.” Ms. Denereen Allen, Research Coordinator SDC, explained the importance mapping in community development in relation to the GIS Map, Community Quiz and Treasure hunt competition set to take place on the day.

Additionally, the day is expected to be fun-filled with several other activities such as the Community Quiz Competition which showcases community members and their keen knowledge of Jamaica’s communities and the GPS technology.

St. Ann community quiz team, Browns Town DA (left) set face off with the more mature community Gibralta DA (right) in the finals of the Community Quiz Competition.

SDC’s GIS Day will provide a platform for local enterprises to debut and showcase their products and services to patrons.

Specially invited guess entertainers will join St. Ann’s local entertainment in concert as the day comes to a close.





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