Grassroots Venture Benefits from SDC Grant


Fostering community development through integrated approaches is part of the mandate of the Social Development Commission (SDC).
Through its Local Economic Development Support Programme (LEDSP), the SDC has helped countless community groups and individuals turn their passions and ideas into productive grassroots businesses that sustain livelihoods and contribute to economic development and employment.

One such grassroots venture is Fiona’s Fashion, based in the Cockpit community in Clarendon.

“The SDC’s LEDSP creates a platform that coordinates the activities of all involved in the development process of grassroots businesses. Fiona’s Fashion is one of the noteworthy local economic initiatives within the parish of Clarendon. This enterprise is affiliated to the Cockpit Community Development Committee (CDC) and the proprietor, Fiona Gordon, is currently the President of this organisation that is striving to achieve community empowerment and wealth creation at the local level,” SDC Clarendon Manager, Baldvin McKenzie CLICK HERE FOR FULL STORY 

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