Local economic development (LED) is a process which brings together different partners in a local area to work together and harness local resources for sustainable economic growth (CLGF’s 2011 Cardiff Consensus for Local Economic Development). LED is locally-owned by local public and private stakeholders working together under the leadership of local government to maximize local resources for the purpose of supporting the sustainable economic. (Eris Schoburgh Sep 12, 2013) The LEDSP aims to “build quality jobs for the current population, achieve local economic stability, and build a diverse economy and employment base”. Additionally, “it promotes identification of own resources/assets, the ultimate goal of economic growth of a geographic space”. (Eris Schoburgh Sep 12, 2013)

The LEDSP has four components:

Capacity Building
Involves the strengthening of capacity within the SDC to equip officers with the requisite knowledge and skills to guide communities in their LED initiatives, as well as capacity building activities for community groups to enable them to develop business plans and manage existing projects effectively.
Networking and building partnerships
Through the creation of a database of LED projects, partners, and opportunities for funding as well as for marketing and general information provision. This database will also inform policy and aid organizational learning.
Direct Support
Through leadership development training of main actor in grant writing, effective communication, use of emotional intelligence, etc., technical support to complete and track grant project proposals, as well as facilitating the interaction between communities, MDAs and non-state actors.
Implementation of an incentive scheme
Through the implementation of a national competition aimed at identifying community groups that are creatively involved in viable local economic development projects.

Capacity Building

  1. SDC/LAs: workshops and seminars delivered buy UWI, UTECH, JBDC. CARILED etc.
  2. Communities: workshops delivered by SDC, LEDOs, JBDC

Networking & Partnerships

  1. Identify innitiatives and funding sources: SDC, LAs, PDCs
  2. Create Database: SDC

Direct Support

  1. Project proposal support, Business Development plan: SDC, LEDOs, JBDC
  2. Monitoring and Evaluation: SDC LAs, PDC
  3. Facilitate business development: LAs, SDCs

Incentive Scheme

  1. Recognition and rewards programme: LAs, PDC, SDC

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