The Priority Planning and Project Development Programme (PPPD) entails a systematic process used to
engage communities in determining and defining immediate, short and long term priority issues
and remedial activities. The resulting Plan from the planning process will reflect a suite of actions from
which project ideas and project formulation will emerge and the requisite funding sources and
stakeholders engaged.

The Objective of Priority Planning and Project Developement Programme (PP PDP)

i. Increase community planning actions for local and national development through priority plans, projects and programmes.

The Outputs of the PP & PDP
The following are the two (2) key outputs generated under the programme:
i. Priority Plan document
ii. Project Proposal(s)

The Outcomes of the PP & PDP
The PP & PDP is specifically intended to achieve the following outcomes:
i. Increased Citizen Participation in Governance
ii. Wealth Creation and Social Protection
iii. Enhanced community Safety and Security
iv. Youth Inclusion
v. Increase environmental and Climate Change Resilience