Arawak Homemade Products

  • Group Name: Stanbury Grove Hiking Trails and Tours Benevolent Society
  • Project Name: Arawak Homemade Products
  • Type of Venture: Agro-processing, Food processing and light manufacturing
  • Sponsors:
  • Start Date: January 2013

Description of Project:

The Stanbury Grove Hiking Trails and Tours Benevolent Society has over the last year ventured on a mission, which involved creating different types of products that were primarily homemade. The group has up to December 2014 produced homemade “spicy” baked peanuts, tonics, orange peel powder tea, hot table pepper, moringa seed powder and bottled rainwater. Branded “Arawak Homemade Products,” the name Arawak connotes the rich heritage associated with Spanish Town, the Development Area to which they belong. The Stanbury Grove Benevolent Society believes that the Arawak brand augurs will do well for their products as it exemplifies through the use of natural ingredients, the rich and vibrant history of Jamaica. The sheer benefits to be derived from their orange peel powder tea and moringa seed powder are definitely a lasting one.  

Aim of the project:

  1. Job Creation
  2. Continued production of homemade products with possibility of expansion
  3. Market products in the community and its environs
  4. Networking with agencies such as the Scientific Research Council (SRC) and Bureau of Standards (BSJ) so as to ensure that products and operations are of a particular standard/quality.


  1. To improve packaging/labeling of Arawak Homemade products
  2. To identify a market/s for products so as to generate maximum profit from sales both locally and internationally
  3. To provide employment for residents
  4. To enhance the aesthetics of Stanbury Grove and its environs
  5. To raise the self esteem of residents
  6. To establish a central production site for Arawak Homemade Products

Our Vision:

To help the citizens of Stanbury Grove gain independence by being apart of the township of Sligoville which is the first free village in Jamaica. To enrich and educate our citizens and all others on the rich heritage we hold dear.

Our Mission:

The Stanbury Grove Hiking Trails and Tours Benevolent Society is an organization designed to help alleviate poverty and enhance all aspects of community development, and to strengthen community independence on a whole. In order to achieve this, the Stanbury Grove Hiking Trails and Tours Benevolent Society will create a social and a sustainable establishment by taking charge of unemployed persons who are willing to make themselves worthwhile and respectable citizens.


Project Data
Currently Employs 3 Persons
Business Plan No
Project Value $250,00.00


Financial Assistance
Technical advice on production methods, equipment selection, packaging methods
Assistance in developing/ enhancing products and processes
Training in Business Development Planning, Project Management and Proposal Writing
Assistance in promoting/marketing products


Business not centrally located
Difficulty in sourcing raw materials at times (peanuts etc.)
No proper advertising in place
Production is on a small scale due to lack of financing


Mr. Gifford Gregory (President)
287- 7327

Mrs. Iona Boland (Secretary)
576 – 3352

Mrs. Josephine Henry (Assistant Secretary)
437 - 7737
* Data was compiled from socio-economic survey conducted by SDC, 2009. A comprehensive community profile of Rose Heights Community can be obtained at the St. James 1 Albion Road, Montego Bay, St. James.