New Building Multi-Purpose Co-operative Ltd

  • Group Name: New Building Multi-Purpose Co-operative Ltd
  • Project Name: New Building Multi-Purpose Co-operative Ltd
  • Type of Venture: Agro-Processing
  • Sponsors:
  • Start Date:

Description of Project:

Description of Venture: The business venture is agro-processing, producing bammies, using cassava grown locally by our farmers, for sale to supermarkets, restaurants and residents across Jamaica.

Aim of the Venture:

To produce the highest quality bammy, for our customers, at a lowest production cost


  • To produce high quality bammies at competitive prices.
  • To provide a source of income for residents.
  • To produce enough bammies to be sold on the export market.

Our Vision:

To be a best bammy producing factory, operating with integrity, committed to building sustainable relationships with farmers and contributing positively towards community development

Our Mission:

New Building Bammy Factory is committed to creating sustainable employment for community members and establishing linkages to famers in the Nain and surrounding districts in order to lift the standards of living and quality life for all employees and contractors.


Project Data
Currently Employs Part-time: 6 Persons
Business Plan No
Project Value $4,000,000


Training in budgeting, financial planning & management and team building.


The distribution truck is not in operation.


Ms. Brenda Dixon.
New Building District,
Nain PO,
St Elizabeth.
Tel:876- 886-4623
* Data was compiled from socio-economic survey conducted by SDC, 2009. A comprehensive community profile of Rose Heights Community can be obtained at the St. James 1 Albion Road, Montego Bay, St. James.