Rural Designs

  • Group Name: Rural Designs
  • Project Name: Rural Designs
  • Type of Venture: Fashion Design and Garment Construction
  • Sponsors:
  • Start Date: November 2014

Description of Project:

Description of Venture: Rural Designs is a business that involves fashion design and garment construction, training of community persons in and around the community of Crofts Hill and the Kellits DA. We make a variety of clothing for both men and women such as oxford, polo shirts, formal and casual outfits.

Aim of the Venture:

  • Create employment for community members
  • Increase the number of entrepreneurs in the field of fashion design in Crofts Hill and by extension the Kellits DA


  • To create a sustainable Business
  • To employee persons from the community
  • To aid in the reduction of unemployment rate in the community

Our Vision:

To provide an avenue for trainable young persons from the Kellits Development Area that will acquire a skill to provide quality products for our customers and aid in the development of entrepreneurs.

Our Mission:

To produce high quality products that will meet customers’ satisfaction and that can compete on the global market and empower our creative employees.


Project Data
Currently Employs 1 Person
Business Plan No
Project Value $200,000


• Funding to purchase additional sewing machines and equipment
• Certification as a Trainer from Heart Trust/NTA
• Training in Business Development, Financial Management & Project Management


• Adequate Factory to establish Business; Trainable Employees


Ansell Hylton – #793-1689;
Crofts Hill District,
Crofts Hill PO,
* Data was compiled from socio-economic survey conducted by SDC, 2009. A comprehensive community profile of Rose Heights Community can be obtained at the St. James 1 Albion Road, Montego Bay, St. James.