Spring Village Development Foundation Benevolent Society

  • Group Name: Spring Village Development Foundation Benevolent Society
  • Project Name: Spring Village Development Foundation Benevolent Society
  • Type of Venture: Apiculture, Cuniculture, Food Service
  • Sponsors:
  • Start Date: 2010-2013

Description of Project:

Description of Venture: Rabbit Rearing – Train and engage youth and other community folks in the service and business of rabbit rearing. The project seeks to establish a cooperative among participants and to create a network of participants as contract producers and marketers of rabbits and rabbit products. This venture has an estimated value of $300,000.00 Apiculture – Training in beekeeping and the production of honey and honey products are the primary functions of the Spring Village Apiculture project. It provides a conduit for technical support to bee farmers while producing and supplying a range of products to the market. The estimated cost of this venture is valued at $900,000.00 Food Service Centre – This area of the project focuses on providing quality meals, pastries and other convenient products to the students of the Spring Village Training Institute (SVTI), staffers of Spring Village Development Foundation (SVDF) and residents. The Food Service also creates employment for persons in the district and wider community. A total of $250,000.00 was used as input capital for the venture. This amount is revolved each week as the project is ongoing.

Aim of the Venture:

To generate income in order to facilitate the independence of the general organization and individual stakeholders.


  • To create meaningful engagement activities for youth and the general community
  • To facilitate economic independence for participants and members of the organization
  • To boost the local enterprise and provide employment

Our Vision:

An improved quality of life for individuals and families in a socially vibrant community that is closely interconnected to each other where each person’s value and importance is recognized and engaged as an integral contributing member of the community where all are striving towards achieving their wellbeing of others and the maintenance of a clean and environmentally friendly space.

Our Mission:

To empower the residents of Spring Village to achieve self-reliance in order to improve their educational, spiritual, social, economic and environmental well-being


Project Data
Currently Employs 35 Persons
Business Plan No
Project Value $1,450,000


• Financial Assistance in research and development (packaging, diversity of products and expansion).
• Machinery: such as stainless steel food processing equipment, solar technology, auto-matic feeding system for rabbits.
• More Labour to man the facility which will increase production.
• Land for Expansion
• Mechanization
• Technical advice on production methods, product marketing, equipment selection, and packaging methods
• Training in Business Development Planning, Project Management and Proposal Writing


• Limited capital
• Limited technical support
• Lack of quality equipment


1. Ms. Shameela Ferguson
Office Administrator
296-2766 or 708-5020

2. Mr. Randy Finnikin
Board Chairman
* Data was compiled from socio-economic survey conducted by SDC, 2009. A comprehensive community profile of Rose Heights Community can be obtained at the St. James 1 Albion Road, Montego Bay, St. James.