Treasure Hunt Craft Shop

  • Group Name: Treasure Beach Women’s Group
  • Project Name: Treasure Hunt Craft Shop
  • Type of Venture: Manufacturing of Indigenous Jamaican Craft
  • Sponsors:
  • Start Date: September, 2000

Description of Project:

The Treasure Hunt Craft Shop has been mandated by the Treasure Beach Women’s Group to provide a cooperative environment that enables local artists to have a platform in which to create, showcase, and sell their products. Also, to provide community members, artists and tourists a comfortable place to learn, interact, and purchase quality works while supporting and giving back to several communities. There is an extensive selection of items including baskets, clothing, jewelry, handbags and our signature starlight. You will also find post cards, wood carvings, ceramics and many items made from the fruit of our local calabash tree. Treasure Hunt takes pride in offering craft items made right here in Treasure Beach by our local artisans. Funding for the Treasure Hunt Craft Shop has been generously provided by a grant from the Jamaica Social Investment Fund (JSIF).

Aim of the project:

We aim to provide an avenue for local artisans to showcase their work, expand our customer base, continue production of quality craft items, increase sales, stimulate more persons into craft production and encourage Jamaicans to buy Jamaican products.  


  1. To increase the number of artisans that we sell items to
  2. To expand our facility to include a gazebo for training and workshops
  3. To provide skills based training for women

Our Vision:

Our Mission:

The mission of the group is to promote the advancement of women and the Treasure Beach community as a whole, through education, income producing projects and awareness of women’s health and women’s issues.


Project Data
Currently Employs 1 Person
Business Plan Yes
Project Value $1.75Mil


Training in Business Planning and Proposal writing

To expand our market share to distribute items both nationally and internationally


Funding for expansion of the craft shop facility, low sales


Suzan Ebanks
* Data was compiled from socio-economic survey conducted by SDC, 2009. A comprehensive community profile of Rose Heights Community can be obtained at the St. James 1 Albion Road, Montego Bay, St. James.