SDC Support Local Economic Enterprise


SDC Support Local Economic Enterprise

The Social Development Commission (SDC) is primarily focused on building a culture of entrepreneurship among local communities through its Local Economic Development Support Programme (LEDSP). The programme aims to coordinate efforts of communities and other local stakeholders to achieve growth in the local economy. Entrepreneurs across St. Elizabeth and St. Thomas participated in the SDC Business Fairs to network, showcase, market and promote their products and services.

The New Market business fair was held on February 22, 2018, at the Lewisville High School in New Market, St. Elizabeth followed by the Morant Bay Vendors Day and Night Out Business Exposition on February 23, 2018, at the at the Rudolph Elders Park, St. Thomas.

Community members from in and around the New Market community came out in support of the ten (10) Local Businesses (Local Economic Initiatives) and engaged partner agencies.

Additionally, students from numerous primary and high schools from across the parish were present.

Ginger Hill All Age, winners of the primary Young Entrepreneur primary school competition pose for a celebratory phot with member of the SDC staff.

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