The SDC offices and the Ministry of Local Government and Community Development will operate as contact points between 8:00AM and 3:00PM each day (Monday-Friday) during this period of Covid 19 measures.

Click here to view: Updated RONA Helpline Senior Care Response 70 and Over


Project Components:

  1. Designate 16 contact points for the public call in the specific assistance required for the elderly. The Headquarters of Ministry of Local Government will be one contact point and fifteen (15) parish offices of the Social Development Commission will be the others.
  2. Manage/coordinate responses to critical needs of the elderly at home with primary focus on:
    1. Medical care assistance which includes transportation to health care facilities for urgent care and non-financial assistance to obtain medication.
    2. Non-financial assistance to obtain groceries from supermarkets, markets etc.
    3. Other critical or urgent needs on a case by case basis.
    4. Click here RONA Helpline for Senior Care Response 70 and Over Document

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