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Community Incentives & Grants Programme

The Community Incentive and Grants programme (CIGP) is a composite of rewards and
recognition for community groups and other stakeholders who have contributed
significantly to the process of community development. Specifically the CIPG is the single
programme that organizes the framework for the distribution of all incentives and grants
emanating from the various core actions of the SDC. The programme seeks to bolster
community participation in developmental activities through rewards and incentives.



The main goal of the (CIGP) is to bolster community participation in development activities through the issuance of grants/awards/incentives for their involvement in SDC’s major programmes. The central objective is to create a platform for community groups and stakeholders to be given incentives and grants.



  • The CIGP has four interconnected outputs:
  • Establishment of 13 Parish Incentives and Grants Committees
  • Quarterly distribution of CDC Administrative Grants
  • Hosting of 13 parish award functions
  • 179 Community Awards Distributed



  • The Community Grants and Incentive Programme have four main indicators. They are:
  • Parish Incentive and Grants Committees to be established
  • Numbers of CDC’s receiving administrative grants
  • Number of functions held
  • Number of awards given



  • The programme expected outcomes are as follows;
  • Increased awareness of the SDC and its programmes
  • Increase in number of community led initiatives arising from programmatic areas
  • Increased volunteerism in parishes
  • Increase relationship with the community and SDC
  • Improved relationship with mainstream media
  • Uniform Branding and increase visibility

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