The governnment of Jamaica

Parish Inter-Agency Networks

The programme focuses on the establishment and maintenance of inter-agency networks across all
parishes. The main goal of the programme is to improve the quality of service delivery to residents
through effective and efficient collaboration among service providers.

The interagency network (IAN) is a mechanism at the parish level that supports effective
collaboration of social service providers for efficient and targeted quality service delivery. The IAN
primarily consists of agencies within the public sector. However private and non-governmental
agencies that provide social services are free to participate.

The main objectives are as follows:

  • Provide a framework for effective collaboration (sharing work plans, resources and ideas) at the parish level among service providers;
  • Identify community priorities and appropriate responses to community needs;
  • Identify and respond to gaps in the provision of services at the community level;
  • Identification of priorities and support required for individual agencies to enhance capacities to deliver quality service.

Expected Outcomes

Where there is a functional IAN characterized by consistent core representation from key member
agencies within the parishes, at least four meetings per year as well as impactful joined up
collaborations, it is expected that the following outcomes will be realized within the parish:

  • Increased social protection evidenced by increased access to services such as PATH, TRN
    registration, free medical checks etc.
  • Enhanced community safety and security provided through IAN projects aimed at reducing
    vulnerability for target groups. Collaborations with the police, JPS, NSWMA and other
    critical partners will also lend to initiatives geared at increasing community safety.

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