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Bee Farmer Expand Business Production With Help From SDC Grant Fund


Maxwell’s Bee Products is an Apiculture organization that produces products made from 100% honey. Maxwell’s Honey Products also rears bees for resale, and the entity packages and markets honey for daily consumption, retail and souvenir packages. In speaking with Mr. Maxwell highlighted that “in addition to apiculture, we have recently added natural lip balms and beard oils among other natural skincare and hair care products”. He informed us that the business is registered as a Sole Trader as of 2020, but has been in operation since 2018.

Maxwell’s Honey Product is one of thirty-five recipients of the 2020-2021 SDC Local Economic Initiative Grant, where the initiative successfully received one hundred thousand two hundred and eighty one Dollars ($100,281), to procure inputs for his business and complete Business Registration. Mr. Maxwell expressed his gratitude to the Commission by stating that he was grateful for the grant as it allowed him to procure much-needed equipment to expand his hives and most importantly, acquire approval of his nutrition label from the Bureau of Standards of Jamaica (BSJ).

Mr. Maxwell highlighted that his nutrition label will further enhance his brand whilst earning and retaining consumer trust in the quality of his products. He states that “we have taken the necessary steps to get approval from the Bureau of Standard Jamaica. In addition, each of our products is labeled in detail including: batch date, ingredients, description of the purpose of the product and benefits of using the product. This information is included so consumers don’t feel misled”.

Maxwell’s  primary product is 100% pure honey that is unique in taste garnered from the wide variety of flowering plants that are found in the area of his farm. His revenue stream is diversified to also  include wholesaling, where he sells honey to several honey distributors for reselling. “In addition, all our products are made from 100% natural ingredients. Thus, our product in its natural state has a long shelf life hence, requires no additive or preservative,” Mr. Maxwell shared.

For more information on Maxwell Honey Products or to place an order, persons can contact 876 784-0796 or go to maxwellhoney.beehappy on Instagram.


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