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Clarendon’s Local Economic Initiative Uses Home Owned Skills to Establish Thriving Business


Let’s Hats & More is a one-of-a-kind local economic initiative inspired by Jamaica’s most creative and diverse roots. Lett Hats & More operates as a local fashion retail business that produces customized hats and clothing, inclusive of swimwear, blouses, handbags, scarves, tams and dresses at affordable and competitive prices. The business operates in Victoria District which is nestled in the cool hills of Thompson Town, Clarendon. 

We were able to speak with owner and chief designer Mrs. Novelette Williams-Wright, who gave us an overview of her company’s history. As is the case with most entrepreneurs, Mrs. Wright informed us that she first acquired her skills and love for her craft from observing family members, she stated that “my eldest sibling used to crochet for home purposes, where table runners and tablecloths were used as Christmas and household decorations. She further stated that after helping out with the basics, she developed a love for embroidery and crochet work, and has utilized her over 25 years of experience in the field to establish her business.

Mrs. Wright states that the Thompson Town CDC afforded her an association with the SDC, where she learned of the services and assistance available to her through the Commission’s various programmes. In 2018, she was introduced to the networking and partnering component under the Local Economic Development Support Program (LEDSP), where she participated in several business fairs and gained meaningful exposure to new markets. She explains that the exposure she received from participating in SDC Business Fairs resulted in her getting orders for from other communities in the parish and some from neighboring parishes. 

Letts Hats and More has benefitted twice from the SDC’s Incentive and Grants, where she received on both occasions inputs for business production space expansion and equipment. Mrs. Wright stated that the grant of ninety six thousand six hundred seventy two dollars ($96,672) was the most impactful of the two she received, as she was able to take on four (4) trainees to learn the craft of embroidery. She stated that “the grant facility helped me to expand the production area, which allows comfort in designing products, interacting with customers, storage and display of my products. Most importantly, I have space to train up to four (4) persons. We have also set up a desk area that is used as our main office area.” 

Mrs. Wright is very positive about the near future and her aspirations for Lett Hats and More is to see her company make its mark in the fashion industry with high-quality finishes, customizations and designs that are unique, comfortable and affordable.

Persons interested in custom embroidery or crochet pieces from Letts Hats & More may make contact through Facebook at Novlette Wright or by calling 876-461-4588.


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