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GrassRoots Entrepreneur Opens Small Wine Factory in St. Mary


The Social Development Commission (SDC), through its Grants Program, has issued several Local Economic Development Grants to Local Economic Initiatives across the island. These grants provided by the SDC, are primarily issued to help grassroots businesses in areas such as procurement of inputs for business, business registration, marketing, and capacity building. 

Harth of Nature is a small Agro Processing Company that operates within the community of Islington, located in the parish of St. Mary. Harth of Nature began its operations in February 2005, producing and selling root drinks. In February of 2018, the company expanded its product line to include wine, rum and cognac, which are infused with locally produced fruits and spices. 

The name Harth of Nature came about because of the owners’, Mr. Wayne Richards and Ms. Althea Salmon, love for nature and everything organic. According to Mr. Wayne Richards, CEO of Harth of Nature, “We have a natural love for nature, and we embrace and utilize its offerings, such as fruits that grow in abundance in Islington St. Mary.” With an expanded product line, the company subsequently experienced an increase in demand for its new and existing products. 

In an effort to satisfy market demands, the company applied to the SDC Grant Facility and was successful in receiving a two hundred and forty four thousand, five hundred dollars ($244,500.00) grant to purchase a new state of the art Pot Still. Mr. Richards stated that “The Still has boosted our output significantly over the past two (2) years, as we are able to lessen production time, by processing more raw materials, which allows us to comfortably meet the demand being experienced due to the expansion of our product line”. To date, Harth of Nature has made significant strides and growth in its operations, so much so that on Monday, December 19, 2022, the entity hosted a celebratory ceremony for the opening of its New 12 x 16 Distillery/Processing plant in its home town of Islington St. Mary. 

In addition to the new Distillery/Processing plant, the company has developed new branding and labeling  designs for its product lines. Speaking at the launch ceremony, Mrs. Solomon, co-owner of Harth of Nature, acknowledged the support given to the business and expressed her optimism for the entity’s future. “The business, over the years, with the help and support of the community, loyal customers, and valued stakeholders, has grown and has taken its place in the local winery and organic supplement markets, and I believe that new and improved business opportunities will continue to emerge as the brand grows and expands its reach in the near future.”

For more information on Hart of Nature or to place an order, persons can call 876-576-2418 or send email to



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