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SDC Guides Small Businesses to Adjusting for Market Changes 


Through its Local Economic Development Support Program, the Social Development Commission (SDC) has continued to aid the development and growth of Local Economic initiatives (LEIs) across the island. These initiatives often emerge from the general ambition of local entrepreneurs who aspire to create sustainable opportunities by carving out a niche to earn a living.

Elegant Hats & Clothing is one such community-renowned initiative that first started as a hobby over ten (10) years ago. “Sewing was a passion of mine that I was lucky enough to master through years of practice, and I have been able to use my knowledge and skills to start a business that helps to provide for my family,” stated Nimmoy Ferguson, Owner and CEO of Elegant Hats and Clothing

Elegant Hats & Clothing on display at the Bodles Community Market & Business Fair held on December 22, 2021. 

Mrs. Ferguson stated that Elegant Hats & Clothing’s main product line is her customized hats, purchased mainly by church-goers and young professionals who aspire to look trendy. The company also has product lines ranging from shirts, pants, blouses, dresses, all at affordable and competitive prices.

Elegant Hats & Clothing Memorial Wreath on Display

Mrs. Ferguson stated that SDC has helped in her business growth. In 2019, she received Ninety-Nine Thousand Two Hundred and Ninety-Four Dollars ($99,294.00), under the SDC LED Grant to expand her operations. 

“Receiving the SDC LED Grant allowed me to purchase equipment and raw materials that increased my production output and my staff compliment, where I took on an additional part-time worker. The continued business assistance, access to grants, and general marketing linkages are benefits that I am thankful to the SDC for providing my business over the years,” she expressed. 

As the pandemic continues, Mrs. Ferguson believes that the new norm of doing business will be adaptability. She has moved into developing and launching her new product line of memorial wreaths as per market demand. She believes that her dynamism and creativity will allow her to stay trendy and meet the growing demand for products at affordable prices.

For more information on Elegant Hats & Clothing or to make a purchase, persons can Contact: Mrs. Nimmoy Ferguson; Lionel Town, Hayes, Monymusk Clarendon, Tel: 876 542-5223;, Youtube @ Elegant Hats & Clothing                

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