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Local Entrepreneur Cultivates Success with Social Development Commission’s Support


Transforming Farming into a Thriving Enterprise

In the heart of community-focused initiatives, Tropical Gemini, a farming and manufacturing enterprise, is making waves as it strives to cultivate not only crops but also economic growth within the St. Mary, Highgate/Richmond area. Partnering with the Social Development Commission’s (SDC), Local Economic Development Support Programme, this small business is thriving with a vision to produce the finest products while contributing significantly to societal development and the nation’s progress.

Owner and founder of Tropical Gemini, Ms. Erica Padmore, expressed heartfelt gratitude for the support received from the SDC. In a statement, she said, “Working with the Social Development Commission has been instrumental in the growth of our small business. Their assistance has not only enabled us to navigate challenges but has also provided us with the tools and resources needed to make a positive impact on our community.”

Specializing in Jerk Seasonings, Cold Press Coconut Oil, Coconut Water, and various agricultural produce, Tropical Gemini stands out for its commitment to quality. The business currently offers unique jerk seasoning flavors, such as original and sorrel, with plans to diversify into mango and pumpkin flavors in the future. The abundance of coconuts grown on the farm is harnessed to produce cold-pressed coconut oil and bottled coconut water.

With deep-rooted community ties, Tropical Gemini is not just about farming; it’s about introducing viability in farming and production to community members. The venture is committed to offering gainful employment and promoting entrepreneurship, particularly among unattached youths, contributing to the overall economic upliftment of the community.

The aim of Tropical Gemini is ambitious yet practical, utilizing 6 acres of land for cultivating various crops in both controlled environments and open fields. This production not only supplies raw materials for their products but also meets the demands of customers and agro-processors seeking top-notch produce.

Tropical Gemini spans beyond immediate business goals Ms Padmore shared,  “We envision being a profitable farming business within the next two years, pioneering innovative agricultural products through technology, and creating a corporate culture that encourages love, respect, and honesty in all transactions.”

While the venture faces challenges such as lack of funding, no factory space, praedial larceny, and drought, the partnership with SDC is helping address critical needs like business registration, product standardization, label development, tools/equipment, capacity building, factory space, funding, secure distribution channels, and a water pumping system.


In the synergy of entrepreneurship and community development, Tropical Gemini is a shining example of what can be achieved when small businesses receive the right support. The partnership with the Social Development Commission is not just about growing a business; it’s about sowing seeds of positive change within the community.


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