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SDC Nurture’s Local Entrepreneur for Growth


Entrepreneur and founder of La Essentials 88 and Eight Limited Ms. Natalee Williams is one shining Local Economic Initiative owner under the Social Development Commission’s (SDC) Local Economic Development Support Programme. The Local Economic Development Support Programme (LEDSP) is designed to create a platform from which local economic activities/initiatives can develop what an aim to bolster viable economic enterprises and shape a culture of productivity that will result in growth in the local economy primarily at the community level.
Natalee Williams owner of the Local Economic Initiative La Essentials displays jars of Akachi Body Butter at the Lilliput Production Lab
The La Essentials 88 and Eight is one of 50 Local Economic Initiative within the parish of St. James. The now three (3) years old enterprise was born from a two-day workshop hosted in part by the Social Development Commission. Ms. Williams commented, “I have always wanted to be a business owner and do something on my own, and when SDC came up with this workshop I said to myself, I found it!” “My journey began after being introduced to a workshop by the Lilliput Community Development Committee (CDC) which was hosted in part by the Social Development Commission geared towards the making of soaps and from this initiative came my first product which was an Aloe-Vera Soap; today I have an
extended line of products to include body butter, body scrub and essential oils” she added. La Essential 88 and Eight displays the Akachi Body Butter and soaps at the at the Lilliput Production Lab The Akachi product line and what is its core product ‘body butter’ has now grown to include essential oils. The Akachi product line owner shares her strategy behind her expanded product line; “From the knowledge gained through this initial workshop and other workshops that I have attended along with
my research; I came to realize that body butter is a marketable product with much room for expansion, especially with the tourism market being so close. The more I researched it, the more I realized that this was a great product that was extremely beneficial to the skin. So, with this knowledge, I decided that I wanted my products to be of high quality and as natural while being as affordable as possible; and this will make my product line even more marketable.” Ms. Williams stated, “Coming from a family of small business owners I have always wanted to see my business grow, and working with the SDC, I have seen growth over the three years since inception, from producing on my veranda and now I am in my lab, and I know we are moving in our factory soon” she added. “I have done several training sessions where I developed my business plan and business model
along with, branding and packaging and this has positioned me for mush more growth. Having an 8 to 5 job Ms. Williams is also grateful for the opportunity to have a second stream of income for herself and her family and has every intention of employing others from her community to assist
with production as the business grows. “While my mother assists me with the operation of the business, she also owns a small craft store which serves as a distribution outlet where tourists can be introduced to the product; so that has helped me to grow my local and international markets.” “The
SDC has helped me market my product through their business fairs which has helped me to grow my network as my products are now distributed across Jamaica to include pharmacy, hotels, gift shops. It has been a really good experience working with the SDC family. “My word to people interested in becoming entrepreneurs is, once you come up with an idea do not hesitate to reach out to the Social Development Commission in your parish collaborating with them will make your dream become a reality.”

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