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Social Development Commission Launches Russia Socio-Economic Upliftment Programme in Savanna La Mar


In a concerted effort to foster community development and empower local businesses and youth, the Social Development Commission (SDC) has unveiled the Russia Socio-Economic Upliftment Programme in the district of Russia, within Westmoreland Central constituency, Savanna La Mar.

The comprehensive programme, aims to address pressing issues such as unemployment, environmental resilience, and community cohesion through a series of strategic initiatives.

The Russia Socio-Economic Upliftment Programme encompasses a range of activities to make strides in enhancing community well-being and economic empowerment through a multifaceted approach. At the forefront of this initiative are the Russia Domino and Football Tournament, which not only foster community spirit and social recreation but also promote healthy competition among residents. Additionally, the programme includes a pivotal Entrepreneurial Grant Facility, which will provide capacity building and financial support to twenty-five small businesses, enhancing their viability and sustainability. Furthermore, efforts such as drain cleaning have been undertaken to mitigate the impact of natural disasters and reduce susceptibility to mosquito-borne diseases, showcasing a commitment to both social and environmental welfare.

“The Russia Socio-Economic Upliftment Programme is not just about providing short-term solutions. It’s about laying the groundwork for sustainable development and empowerment within the community,” remarked Kerean Stephenson, Parish Manager, SDC Westmoreland.

The programme aims to achieve various objectives, including small business growth, poverty reduction, increased collaborative efforts, and enhanced environmental resilience. By engaging community members in planning and implementation, the programme seeks to create a model district for sustainable development.

Residents of the Russia community expressed enthusiasm and hope for the programme. “This initiative gives us a chance to come together as a community, work towards common goals, and uplift our district,” said a local resident.

Managed by Social Development Commission and a dedicated planning committee comprising members from the Russia Community Club, the project will be evaluated based on youth and community participation, as well as overall impact. Stakeholders and sponsors are actively engaged to ensure seamless resource procurement and implementation.

The launch of the Russia Socio-Economic Upliftment Programme marks a significant step towards fostering sustainable development and empowerment within the Russia community. Through collaborative efforts and community-led initiatives, the programme aims to create lasting impact and serve as a blueprint for other communities to emulate.


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