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Young Entrepreneur Creates Employment through Creative Glass Recycling Business


Innovative and creative are two adjectives that can be used to describe Jason Hines; CEO and owner of Glass Work Design. 

The idea of utilizing glass to make varying crafts emerged over 15 years ago from a relative who, through a random but exotic thought, wanted to use an empty wine bottle to make a drinking glass. Fast forward to fifteen years later, and the results will show that Jason successfully completed the task and has also established a renowned small craft business that creates unique pieces of art. His dynamic creations include drinking glasses made from recycled bottles, vases, aquariums, podiums, windows, mirrors, cups, picture frames and jewelry.

Glass Work Design on display at the Milk River Crab & Seafood Festival and Business Fair held July 7, 2019. 

Glass Work Design slowly gained momentum and growth in the township of Spalding, Clarendon and has been consistently providing goods and services within the locality for over fifteen (15) years.

Through the targeted partnership with the Social Development Commission (SDC) under the Local Economic Development Support Program (LEDSP), Mr. Hines benefited from business management training, business planning, business models & plan development, grant facilities, and development of market linkages and general networking and partnership.

Jason Hines, CEO of Glass Work Design, poses for a photo opp.

Through the LEDSP, Glass Work Design utilized Business Fairs across the island to market his products and network with other businesses and like-minded entrepreneurs while doing considerably well with the sale of his creations.

 “My craft is always attracting young minds; whenever people view my products, they always want to know how I created them. So Glass Work provides work experience for students from the surrounding high schools in the area. We have participated in career day events at schools in the Development Area to share with students the skill of using glass to create wonderful pieces of artwork,” stated Hines. 

Currently, the small business employs five (5) full-time and (4) part-time workers. 

Glass Work Design now supply’s its products to include; windows, glass doors & crafts across major parishes such as Clarendon, Manchester, St. Ann, Westmoreland, Kingston & St. Catherine.

For more information on Glass Work Design or to make a purchase, contact: Mr. Jason Hines at Main Street, Spalding PO, Clarendon, or call Tel: 876 417-4348; through email at, or visit the company’s website at 

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